Thursday April 1, 2004

I am SO allergic to cats.
My face is like, inside out.

  1. u know what?   i am allergic to cats too….i really dont like most cats…i’m a dog person.   i noticed we were born the same year.  it’s nice to finally talk to someone on here who is my age.  i felt like grandma for a little while 😉      and i noticed we both say the same things like “holy crap” and holy moly”  haha thats hilarious.  must be an old person thing….haha       hope you are smiling. 

  2. it is a loooooong story of how i know landis….ask him.  i am sure it will be easier to tell someone then to type..   its insane.     dont tell me i am older than you.  now, i’m really depressed 😉

  3. smoyboy said:

    hey man.  you seem pritty coo.  check my post for today (friday)…hope it makes you laugh 😉

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