Tuesday May 4, 2004

OMG – I am so tired. And I hate running in my neighborhood when it is this dark. Every part of LA smells funny.
And Palms is not an exception to this “Funny” rule.

But I interviewed my first subject for my making-of doc! ANDREW! Thanks bud! This is going to be a great DVD!!!

  1. Lohan is younger than I am. ur too old for her anyway. and she isnt that hot.-Landis

  2. Listen to me… you may not blaspheme. You MAY NOT!And she will be 18 on July 2nd anyway, so we can have a 4th of July block party weekend muthafucka!Lindsay loves me. I KNOW IT I KNOW IT I KNOW IT!She said so herself.

  3. riiiiight. im sure she did.anyway, AfterEffects is a very extensive program and there are tons of things u can do. we only know how to do a bit. i only learned a little of it. So i can only show you what i know so far.-Landismy project sucked major dick but was still well recieved

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