Wednesday September 8, 2004

Finally I found a well written and organized website that properly promotes my choice for President in 2004.  Take the 5 minutes.  Read this easy-to-read fact sheet.  Is there ANYTHING you could possibly disagree with? 



  1. ahahahahahah!!!!!!! oh linus, i love you laus! dong…thats the best one. Actually, I lied. I think I have the best last name–YI. You know why? cuz i can be seen as either chinese or korean! at least i have a freakin shot at dating one of your sexy chinks. gooks is used for koreans too. but then again i grew up with in the whitest town in all of north america so i could be learning from ignorant white folks. I got called chink alot back in my day? my solution? kick them in the balls and throw dirt in their eyes and run away. recess teacher comes to question? then tell them you couldn’t see well. 😉

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