Tuesday November 9, 2004

by Tim Baylor
Oct 28, 2004

Last weekend I experienced first-hand the hypocrisy and lies of liberal thinkers on the subject of diversity. I am a TA at the University of Rochester, and I was asked to attend a seminar entitled “Diversity in the Classroom.” Right off the bat I knew this was going to be a rough morning.

We spent 3 hours discussing diversity. We talked about every difference between people that we could think of, and why these differences were important and beneficial to the classroom. We discussed how diversity adds to learning because everyone can bring something different to the table to help the group. Now, as much as I think some of these people focus a little too much on this subject, these are all very valid points.

The problem began when the guest speaker started spewing off statistics about the number of women versus the number of men in math, science, and engineering courses, and as professors. She was blaming the under-representation of women in these areas solely on discrimination and cultural factors (e.g. women are raised to think that they can’t accomplish as much as men).

Now, to be fair, these are real problems in our society. However, this woman was totally blaming this problem on cultural and societal factors. At this point I raised my hand.

I stated that this entire seminar was focused on diversity, which are the differences between people. If we were actually interested in looking at the differences in people, why couldn’t we entertain the idea that there may be fundamental differences between the sexes? Maybe as a whole, women are naturally more interested in one group of disciplines, and men are more interested in another. This is a logical train of thought when you consider how different the hormones, thinking processes, etc. of the two sexes really are. Let’s face it; men and women aren’t the same.

After I had expressed these thoughts, the room erupted. The professors present, and the guest speaker, all told me (almost flat out) that I was wrong. And they told me that I was wrong rather animatedly, I might add. The guest speaker skewed my argument and made it sound like I had implied that women were not as capable as men. I only said that they might have different interests; I said nothing about which interests were more difficult. Maybe my argument was too sound, so she had to change it to help her own fantasy argument that there are no differences between men and women.

Hypocrisy! These people are preaching toleration of other groups of people and trying to force as many differences into the student population as they can, yet if someone expresses an idea that they disagree with, the toleration stops. The atmosphere in the room switched from toleration to in-toleration as if I had flipped on a light switch.

Now it seems to me that these people who are so obsessed with diversity and toleration have very different actions than they do words. Let’s take a look at it.

They say they want differing views, and all views are important. However, they don’t want to hear your view if you don’t agree with them. They say that it is important that we have different people come together so that we can learn about each other. However, diversity fanatics group together with other diversity fanatics and discriminate against you if you don’t agree with everything they say.

Liberals are a funny group of people. They love diversity until you give them a little diversity. I think they like the idea of diversity, but not the real thing. All I offered to the discussion at the seminar was a differing view. Should not this be tolerated at a seminar on differences?

My final advice to fellow conservatives on this subject: don’t let the liberals fool you with their talk of tolerance. They won’t tolerate you.

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