Monday November 29, 2004

Okay – I am writing a REAL entry this time, and not just “Libertarian crap” as my bros put it.

I am writing to whine about my car getting broken into, which is about the most depressing thing to happen to me in a long while.  They smashed the passenger side triangle window, which will cost me about $400 to fix, plus they stole all of my DVDs and some tapes, which were the original copies of my previous films. 

So – for doing nothing to anyone, I suffered about $1000 worth of damage this Thanksgiving weekend.  Imagine how horrible my karma would be if I did shitty things to people. 

The only reconciliation I have is that the perpetrator of this misdeed has to suffer through hours and hours of indie films. Yeh. You should have broken into the Audi parked in front of me. I’m sure a copy of “Dangerous Minds” was lying on the passenger seat.

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  1. Stanzi82 said:

    Wow, I’m so sorry to hear that all this happened to you!  Thanks so much for commenting on my xanga; it’s nice to keep in touch (funny…I don’t even think we’ve actually met).  I hope you managed to have some good times for Thanksgiving in spite of the trouble, and PS I think Billy Wilder is great.  And no, I’m not on friendster because I dont think I know what  it is…anyway, good luck with your car and happy holidays far in advance.

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