Wednesday December 1, 2004

Now who is this mysterious cutie Mateja?  What a swell person I must say – offering kind words and support despite the fact that we’ve never met, and dig the same KICK ASS director Billy Wilder!  Seriously… nice people need to be credited for their work.

Today is the drive back to LA. Alas………. every trip up north is painfully short. 

  1. Stanzi82 said:

    My dad had a student once who knew Billy Wilder, and he told a really cool story about how Wilder first was able to come to America.  I don’t remember all of it now, but I think it was something like he went to the immigration office every day… I’ll have to ask.  Thanks again for commenting; my email is .  I am actually from Chicago; just studying up here for ugrad.  I am a big fan of L.A. though (one of the few people around here who is) and I visit a couple of times a year.  Are you coming down for any of the bigger music things, like opera or anyone’s recitals?

  2. KHeaney said:

    Hooray for Sweden!  Actually I’m not really FROM

  3. KHeaney said:

    oops.  I messed up the last entry.  Lets try again, shall we?
    Anyways, I’m not from Sweden, I’m just studying here for a semester.  Cool place tho!  And Swedes are totally rad, as I’m sure your friend Ann is.  I’ll have to meet her when I come back to the states for Winter quarter. 

  4. KHeaney said:

    Cool cool.  I’m a theater student actually, but I’m in choir, so thats how I know cool music students like Mateja.  Directing is awesome!  Thats one of the many aspects of performing arts that I want to learn more about.

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