Monday December 27, 2004

I just finished my 1st week at – pretty cool place. The first day I hit the ground running, having to figure out how to get 3 pallates of precious boxes from a wherehouse in Compton to Santa Monica. And the day after that all I did was talk to modeling agencies. All in all, a fun week.

If any of y’all need some models for your photoshoot, give me your info.

Now my DVD collection consists of Amadeus (to replace the one stolen) and Mean Girls! Thank you Dan and Leticia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Stanzi82 said:

    Both movies are great.  Are there a lot of neat special features on the Amadeus DVD?  Thanks for the comment on my xanga; you seem to always catch me at my least intelligent-sounding.  I’m acually not an alcoholic, or a freshman who only thinks about partying and as a matter of fact, there is very little “bad shit” I’ve ever done.  It depends what you call bad, but if youre thinking Compton-esque bad shit, or even college freshman bad shit, I guess I don’t qualify.  In other news I’m sorry I didn’t respond to the email you sent; I meant to but bad as the excuse sounds I just forgot due to being so busy.  That said, I hope you have a had a good holiday and here’s to a happy new year.  Keep in touch! 

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