Wednesday December 29, 2004

anyone who has the Mean Girls DVD:
Go to “special features” click on “interstitials” and then on “frenemies.”

REGINA: We do not have a click problem at this school.
GRETCHEN: But you do have to watch out for “Frenemies”
REGINA: What are “Frenemies?”
GRETCHEN: “Frenemies” are enemies who act like your friends. We call then “Frenemies”
KAREN: Or “Enemends”
GRETCHEN: People who secretly hate you, we call them “Fraters.”
REGINA: That is so gay.
KAREN: What if we called them… “Meanamators?”
GRETCHEN: Karen, it has to have the word “friend” in it!


1 comment
  1. Stanzi82 said:

    Yeah I meant to mention it earlier, I knew your brother a little my freshman year.  Was he friends with Patrick Crotty or Carson somebody?  I think we all hung out in Campisi on Halloween that year.  Memory is bad…Thanks for the post.

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