Wednesday August 15, 2007

Yesterday I met David Lynch for the 2nd time at his book signing at Borders! Very nice fellow. And I also met an equally awesome gentleman who took this photo for me:


He missed me shaking the man’s hand but given my track record of asking people to take photos of me, I’m thrilled this one’s in focus.

The experience at Borders was overall a great one and this nice guy said he’d take a photo of me and send it to me, so hopefully we’ll be seeing that up here on the blogsite soon.

The people at Borders were so tooly though. Not letting people get items purchased elsewhere signed… and they were being super mean to people who weren’t holding tickets in line, even though it was a free event.

Oh well. If anyone needs a good book to read, David Lynch’s “Catching the Big Fish” is a page-turner.

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  1. the secret to getting stuff signed when u bought it somewhere else is to cry.  that’s what i did at barnes and noble when i got my beat-up paperback copy of Lost Moon signed by Jim Lovell (the apollo 13 astronoaut, i was obsessed with apollo 13 for a while).  and they let me stay in line.  And what made it even more awesome was that when I finally handed him the book, he said, “wow this really looks like it’s been read” and smiled at me.  perhaps I made his night since everyone else was getting brand-new books they probably were only going to give away as christmas presents. 

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