Wednesday December 19, 2007


For all my NY friends looking for a warm place to hang out:

That project I’ve been working on…. “100 Young Americans” is being featured in an exhibition at Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art , and it will open tonight from 6:00 to 8:00!!!!!

The show consists of a selection of images from One Hundred Young Americans, which HarperCollins released last month.

The gallery is at 511 W. 25th – Gallery 306 — just west of 10th Avenue, in Chelsea (NYC).

There will be wine from Parducci, Bavarian lager courtesy of Paulaner and vodka from 360.

Hope you can make it! Maybe you can take some photos and send them to me so I can photoshop myself in there!

I’ll be in rainy LA. ENJOY!!!

  1. Congratulations on the project. That rocks!!! I look forward to seeing more of this as it comes to the west coast, as I too am, apparently not leaving this town anytime soon. Keep me posted.

  2. hows the new upper west side apt workin out for ya? seen any sex and the cities?

  3. @David – Hey buddy – thanks for your comment….where are you at these days?and who are you?are you a friend of Landis’?

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