The Salmon bots.

A very strange thing happened to me the day after my birthday party – June 7th. Randomly, out of nowhere, an IM by the same of “OppositeSalmon” messaged me and began this ridiculous conversation with me:

OppositeSalmon: It was great seeing you last night.
ME: Oh yeh? It was great seeing you. (this is me trying to play it cool and smoke this person’s identity out)
OppositeSalmon: It was nice to run my hands all over your things. Your house is so cool.
ME: What do you mean by “things?”
OppositeSalmon: Come on now. You remember.
ME: Ok yes – I remember now. We called the guard and high priest and had you escorted out of my castle. Halfway down the tower they became tired of walking down the stairs so they just tossed you into the moat.
OppositeSalmon: Don’t be an asshole, you’ IMed me first.

Pretty stupid. Except for the fact that I kept drilling this person for the next hour and still didn’t know who this person was, and it was pretty clear this person didn’t know me.

Then I surmised that it could have been a bot.

If this was indeed an IM bot, it was the most advanced one I had ever talked to. I did a search for “OppositeSalmon” and came up with a few blogger’s entries:

And then this Wikipedia article:

Apparently the bot either is a machine that’s capable of way more advanced conversation than your typical SmarterChild, or Spleak – or it’s just some annoying thing that pairs your IM name up randomly with another person for the sake of witnessing chaos and confusion between two strangers.

Stranger still, is that all these bots have the suffix “Salmon”… woodensalmon, comatosesalmon. Why do genius programmers and hackers only use their skills for utter BS like this?

Either way, I am taking my IM name off my Facebook. Most blogs say that IM names can be retrieved off of your livejournal, but I don’t have one. The only way someone has my IM name is from Facebook. Has anyone had this happen to them? What’s more lame than a random bot talking to you, is that somewhere, somehow, some nerd has the ability to read our IM conversations.

…………….sheesh luiz.

  1. salmon makes me think of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy– you know, “so long and thanks for all the fish”BTW i love when people use the expression “smoke __ out”

  2. I just did a search for comatosesalmon, and this page came up so i figured i’d comment to tell you that the same thing happened to me under two of the salmon names. The first one i blocked, but the second (the one i searched for) i talked to for quite sometime and all of a sudden pop-ups filled my computer and wouldn’t stop until i restarted…so watch out.

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