Danube – Bulgarian cuisine in Westwood

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Bulgarian food – I highly recommend trying Danube Bulgarian Restaurant on 1303 Westwood Blvd in Westwood.  I had the pleasure of touching their cuisine to my lips last week and have been hurriedly trying to spend all my waking hours online and shopping for things I don’t need so that I can waste even more time blogging about this new food.  And then complain in a subsequent blog that I have no time to do anything.  And then blogging again.


Great food, friendly Eastern European girls, and a flatscreen TV showing the latest pop hits from Bulgarian MTV.

For those of you who still thought Bulgaria touched Kazakhstan, Bulgaria is a small country south of Romania. If you are a fan of Neil Strauss’ The Game you might subscribe to the neue-chiche that the further east in Europe you go, the hotter the girls are.  Once Dan (before he met Kelly, of course) and I went out to a Hollywood joint and some (two, to be exact)  Eastern-European girls started talking to us.  Actually, they started talking to Dan and I just watched.  But back then, I considered that scoring.  Anyway – they were amazing.  And I will from then on never forget that the capital of Bulgaria is Sofia.  Not knowing that, cost me.

But I digress.   Here, I will not talk about the girls, since:

a) I’m here to talk about food – as I do in every blog.

b) Bun is a Slovenian – a country WEST of Bulgaria and I will not score tonight if I keep writing about Bulgarian girls.

At any rate because of the country’s proximity to Greece, you do get tons of Moussaka – which I had.  I highly recommend asking the girls what is the most authentic dish on the menu.  They’ll proudly tell you.  And if you don’t you’ll probably end up eating something with fries in it.


Great appetizers and a cheap corkage fee make this place an all-in-all sweet experience.  Oh – and this place is very casual and feels like you’re eating in a friends’ house.  So, def good for casual dining, not a first date.  Unless she’s from Moldova and is trying to use you to get a Green Card.

I’m kidding.  Go to this restaurant.

Here’s the place’s info again!

1303 Westwood Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Get Directions

(310) 473-2414
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  1. I realize now, years later, and based on this blog alone, that you consider it “scoring” to be “eating food.” The tragedy that is you has reached Ring Cycle proportions….

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