Angelini Osteria

I am sorely behind in my blogs.

I should have posted one about the party we had for Azad (because he’s leaving) and my trip to the San Diego zoo.

Now we make up for lost time.  Avanti!

Italian, you say?  Very apropos, because TONIGHT I took Mateja to Angelini Osteria in Hollywood for her bday – THANK YOU LAUREN for that suggestion – and I must say this was probably the finest dining experience that we were going to have in 2008, if not like, EVER for a bday.

Mateja and I have been looking for some good Italian joints that were a tier above BJ’s, so this was a very happy occassion.

The upscale crowds in Hollywood are a far cry from Venice.  Last year for Mateja’s bday we dined at Boa on Ocean and well… let’s just say that while Hollywood has its headaches, I still prefer their classy “Old Money” stuffiness to the Venice Beach/Santa Monica “anything-goes-Blasé”.

Our waiter (We forgot to ask his name, Doh) looked like Patrick Fischler and made the overall dining experience amazing.  The meals are served multi-course and they tell you the specials in Italian.  The only damper to the evening was the mother/daughter couple who sat RIGHT NEXT TO US (it is a very tight fit in the restaurant…)  talking about how lovely their sex lives were, but what can you expect with Old Money.

I would suggest you go to this place immediately.

And I would recommend you try the Tagliatelle with Boar Sauce (secondi) and the Blood Sausage (antipasti).

not a good photo of the blood sausage – but c’mon.  you can’t go by its name NOR the photo.  You just got to try it…..


  1. Oh yeh – the address: Angelini Osteria. 7313 Beverly Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90036 Phone: (323) 297-0070.

  2. I don’t get it. Are you a food and restaurant critic now?

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