Voter madness

Since my Facebook blog is just getting more hits (hell, even my STATUS message gets more hits than Xanga) I may be retiring this site soon…

But you know.. I’m a traditionalist, and old habits are hard to kill.  Oh speaking of old habits, I was reading through my good buddy Dan’s Blog and really – if you want a well-thought-out observation of what’s being going on with our country and the election – his ideas I would hold paramount.  And his family always has intelligent comments to share.  (Just keep following link after link- and watch your entire day disappear!)

But when reading such amazing dicourse, and the amazing reactions from everyone on Facebook over the election, it is dang hard to keep quiet.  It truly is.  While I find my political leanings to be someone “further in one direction” than most of my friends in the Entertainment biz and my newly-discovered world of “Education” I can’t help but side with the Left on social issues.  I really do.  And yes, on the social issues only.

The elephant in the room is obviously the stunning passage of Prop 8 in CA, and the anger that we all feel that the fact that churches and religious institutions of MANY denominations had such an influence on this one issue. 

I had many good friends who were directly involved with the Prop-8 Protest that was staged outside the Church of Jesus Christ and Later-Day-Saints at Santa Monica Blvd and Westwood… Some of the moments were sad (like when the one digruntled man stuck in traffic emerged from his car and socked one of the protesters in the face), and some moments were funny (when my friend shouted to the Mormon kids inside the gates “DON’T LET THEM MOLEST YOU!”)  Many of the people I spoke to after the protest quipped that they didn’t think the protest did much and that their cries fell upon deaf ears.  I believe some of their thoughts to be true. 

But the problem doesn’t lie with “them.” (and by this I mean deeply-Religious people).   It’s the rest of us who are at fault.  If rational people  didn’t restrict their protests to a single day, or to only when one thinks he’ll be heard, churches that spread lies would slowly diminish and disappear into the ether.

I mean, we know there are churches of Satan all over the US and Neo-Nazi groups and the KKK.  Those guys exist and they will unfortunately exist for a long time.  Because of their iconic symbols and imagery it’s easy to see them for what they are and therefore easy to stamp out  this sort of nonsense and banish the perpetrators to the skinny section of Idaho.  But I jest. 

The real issue here is to address the offenders EVERY DAY.  To get into this discourse EVERY DAY even with groups that may deal the “bigotry” card right back at us.  This means ANY conservative Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or fundamentalist sect that fuel idiocy behind closed doors. 

Let’s not, in the next few years, be afraid to offend when offending someone is necessary. 

… now if you’ll excuse me… someone parked their car right outside the driveway of my apartment building and I need to carry this can of yellow paint down the stairs…..


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