Carlitos Gardel

Carlitos Gardel

Yes it’s true. One of my favorite composers of all time has a restaurant.

Yesterday Robokazr, Bun and I tried this new place called Carlitos Gardel, named in honor of the great Carlos Gardel, who is most famously known for his tune “Por Una Cabeza” – you know it… it’s the popular tango piece used in movies such as Schindler’s List, Scent of a Woman, and True Lies.

The original, with lyrics….


And a quintet version…..

I remember playing this piece back in ’99 when I was a lowly music major at Santa Clara University, in fact the last youtube video might even be my arrangement. But I digress.

This restaurant rocks!

The price range is about similar to Angelini Osteria, but way less noisy. We were there on a Monday night… so we were one of 3 tables occupied. Also our waitress was incredible (and super hot) and rattled off about 18 specials and wines off the top of her head. Tre impressif!
I had the Sea Bass, Rob the Pollo de Ajo and Mateja had the pasta with mussels. The Chimichurri sauce – INCREDBLE – and the service was utterly impeccable. The space is very upscale but not rustic like Angelini,it feels “new” and “American-ish” inside… but I assure you, the cuisine is was just perfect. I must say after going here, it’s going to be tough going back to Lala’s (my original favorite Argentinean restaurant)

But Lala’s $5.95 Chorizo sandwich can’t be beat! Hm…. $45 or $5.95….

Anyway ……. this is their website:

Check em out! If you go on a weekday I’m sure you’ll get a table with no reservation. And the hot waitress works on Monday.

7963 Melrose Ave


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