Inglorious Bastards (1977)

I rented the original “Inglorious Bastards” from Video Store Named Desire last week and was pleasantly surprised. I of course, wanted to see this flick in preparation for the remake (Inglourious Basterds – note Tarantino’s deliberate misspelling) due out this summer, and I must say this blatantly anachronistic movie was super amusing and delightful. The costumes are wrong, the guns are wrong and the handlebar mustaches are wrong. Kick ass.

The director did miss an opportunity for naked girl Nazi shoot-em-up, but maybe there were some budget constraints.

At any rate, go and rent this movie. The musical score, by Francesco De Masi is on par with Eric Rogers’ score to “Carry On, Up The Khyber.” Oh, and Fred Williamson is awesome in it.

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