New and improved YouTube channel!/Film festivals/”Refrigerator” screening

As many of you three readers know by now, I’ve delved more in recent months to composition and working on some pretty interesting films!  Yesterday the film “Refrigerator”, (released by Big Signature Productions) which I scored 6 months ago, made its debut at the First Glance Film Festival in Hollywood!  

The premiere was received very well by the audience although I must say I was disappointed with the way the festival was run, with the festival curators acting like they were bored out of their minds.  The president’s speech reeked of the cynicism of a failed filmmaker and put a damper on the mood of the screening room.  But I must say the filmmakers and the audience prevailed  (even though the #$)%(&* projectionist ended up projecting off of the DVD no less!)  Anyway, I know how much stress goes into a festival and maybe they were all having a bad day, so I’ll stop here.  At any rate, whatever your attitude of festivals may be, please check out the  “Refrigerator” clips I posted and check out the trailer!!! 🙂

(For easy perusal, I uploaded clips from this film and others to my new YouTube channel and I invite you all to watch, enjoy and make critiques! )

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