The Shape of Things – Loft Theatre

On 5/8 I went to see a perfomance of “The Shape of Things” put on by the Loft Theatre downtown (2nd Street and Vignes).  Co-founded by my friend Christina Howard and Geoffrey Hillback, this gem in arts district of downtown is not to be missed.  A former creamery in the 20’s, the space is ideal for black-box theatre and both shows I’ve seen there has been stellar! 

[I will admit that I get the “prickly-back” sensation anytime a friend of mine suggests an activity downtown, but do realize that this part of town is newly restored, near the old Union Station.  It is becoming one of the hip spots for theatre, arts and restaurants. Walkable to the Toy District and Little Tokyo. ]



“The Shape of Things” is a play written by Neil LaBute in 2001 and subsequently made into a film in 2003 starring Rachel Weisz and Paul Rudd.  Now I have not seen the film, but this play is a must see.   Featuring the uber-talented actors  Cameron Britton as Adam and Ms. Howard in the role of Evelyn, the play calls into question the nature of morality in art; the director in his program notes alludes to the notorious Guillermo Vargas art exhibit where  a dog was tied to the corner of an art gallery, with food just out of reach, as patrons of the exhibit watched.   


Without ruining the piece, I’ll just leave you with that and I urge as many of you who want to go see this play to SEE IT NOW!  This play is an audience-transforming piece, and definitely a story that needs to be seen live.  You’ll understand when you see the final scene.  Tickets are available on reserve through  For a review, please check out:

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