conflicted about the Aiptek GVS 1080p


I am conflicted about a new camera I want to buy.  It shoots HDV 1440×1080!

But no AC in.  

Not sure if I should still get it for the whopping low price of $180, since Amazon’s throwing in a free 8GB memory card. 

This blog is a good resource:

Argh! What should I do?  The next “higher” up model that one could get their sweet hands on is the Canon Vixia HF but the price is a tad out of my range right now.

  1. paigekepple said:

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  2. Buy it so we can make a Dan&LinusFilm in HD!

  3. pringleshardwarestore said:

    Oh yeah – I just purchased it today… turns out you CAN put a mic input into it…

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