Inglorious Basterds – early screening

I’ve been told I’m a pretty “even” guy — perhaps phlegmatic isn’t the right word — but folks, it takes a lot for me to jump out of my seat.  I’d have to say that the early screening of Inglorious Basterds (misspelling Tarantino’s) that I watched at USC last night was literally a mind blowing experience.  Eli Roth did a quick Q&A after the show which was a definite crowd-pleaser.  Some pretty lame, discursive remarks were thrown at Roth but I think he fielded the questions very well.

Without ruining anything, for you kids who still have to wait a laborious two (2!) weeks to see this film on August 21st here’s my quick run-down:

1. Dan, I defy you to stand fast to your claim that Diane Kruger was “hot but not in a memorable way,” (uttered circa July 2009, location: your house).

2. Everyone has already been stating that this is Tarantino’s best film, and  while I’d still have to re-watch Jackie Brown, I am inclined to agree.

3. If Christoph Watlz does not get a Best Actor win for this film, then we should just pack up and leave this life behind.  Maybe move to Mars, yeah.

4. I’ve said too much already.


I’ll be updating in four weeks will a fuller review!

bye now.


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