The Broadview Security commercial

You know, every time I go to the gym, I see this ad playing on CNN or Fox News or whatever the channel the TV is set on, and it has literally taken me until NOW to realize that the dude breaking into the house is not the same guy who just dropped off his date.

Watch the video below. The worst edit is the wide shot showing the DATE GUY’S car pulling away from the curb and then a cut to the INSIDE of the OLD BOYFRIEND’S CAR pulling up to the house. Yes, we see he has different clothes on (something I missed the first dozen times I saw this) but the fact that it is now raining, and the guy is wet blurs the fact that this is a different person. Also not clearly seeing the ex-boyfriend’s face as he runs up to the house is a problem.

Could this issue have been avoided had the CASTING of the two men been different? Whoever lets these commercials go to shoot past pre-production is mind boggling.

Also – isn’t the security guy on the other end of the phone also another white male? What the hey is up with this commercial??!?!

** Yes, I do realize that she says the line “My ex-boyfriend just tried to break in,” but you know what… that plot point is too important to be just given a throwaway line….

  1. Mary said:

    All I can think of when I see these commercials is if someone were breaking into my house, I sure wouldn’t hang around answering phone calls. I’d be out the back door so fast, it wouldn’t be clear I had ever been in the house. I also hope I wouldn’t runupstairs where I’d be trapped with no way out other than the windows, risking broken bones.

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