This Saturday – at the Roxy

Huge news folks!!!

On Sept 19th – I will be playing keyboards on stage at the Roxy with the absolutely kick-ass band Killola!

Now, I am not officially a PART of this band, so to be asked to play with a group that I’ve idolized since discovery is going to be a nutzo experience. And at the Roxy, no less!! I am counting on each and every one of you to show up and make me nervous as hell!

** For those of you who never knew I played the keyboards… surprise, surprise. I’ve been playing since I was negative 5 years old and… well, I was a jerk and never told you.

This is going to be my debut at a rock show in L.A. so come on out!

The details are here:

The band’s website (where you can download a free record!!) :

Show starts at 9 and I think there’s a band before us….. No regrets if you can’t make – just surprise me! HOPE TO SEE YOU!!!!!!

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