some putzing around on the internet

Today has been a lazy day.

I was on the internet and found this guy Greg Stephens who has some pretty astounding artwork.

He also reviews and displays artwork of other people and art that he’s seen… There are some pretty interesting pieces from the Guggenheim here…. the Quay stuff is definitely my current favorite….

I’m also smacking myself upside the head because I downloaded this awesome picture of an old vintage keyboard, and I for some reason did not bookmark the page it came from or write down the name of this keyboard.  Does anyone know?  I’d love to find one of these.

I have no idea what this is.  But it’s awesome.

  1. Landis said:

    just go on your internet history and look at each page to see if u find the keyboard again

    • pringleshardwarestore said:

      already tried that

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