last minute raves and rants for 2009

The decade is coming to a close. I rented “Atonement” on my friend Mark’s recommendation. I loved this film. What an amazing achievement, not only in filmmaking, but in music.

Do not take your photos to CVS and get them developed there. They are idiots at CVS. They have these proprietary machines they use to burn CDs for you and the CDs don’t work on Macs. Or maybe they don’t work at all.

It’s unreal. They burn me these discs. They don’t have any photos on them but a few .exe files. I told them I need the photos on a CD that can be read on a Mac. They said they didn’t know what I was talking about. They burned me another CD. They showed me that the photos actually show up on their proprietary machines. I see the photos with my… See More own eyes. They print out contact sheet. I bring that exact disc home. No dice a second time. Maybe life is better as a CVS employee. They seem to be at the top of the food chain.

Stream of consciousness is awesome.


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