K)) reviews “Buy The Milk” Tour

It’s been about two weeks since I left L.A., and by way of update here links to what people are saying! (honestly – the best way to keep tabs on my road trip is to take heed of the twit-feed on the right-hand side of this blog…. as we rarely stop at a hotel to use free Wi-Fi, phone updates will have to suffice!


OUR NY SHOW: (the only article out that partially mentions me, and I attribute my lack of photo presence to the crotchless leather chaps I decided to wear at every gig… ugh. bad idea) http://the3penguins.blogspot.com/2010/03/killola-at-studio-at-webster-hall-33010.html

DALLAS: http://blogs.dallasobserver.com/dc9/gig_alert/

We’re headed to Chicago today to appear on WGN – and I’ve been looking forward to the midwest leg of this tour for months!

Oh and fresh off the presses – and here’s a new promo video about the Killola dog-tag special-order USB! Get it NOW!! The only track that features my keyboard playing is the track titled The Dr. & His Son, but I wanna hear your thoughts Gs! Comment away!

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