Howl (2010)

Hey so check it out – there’s a trailer out for the new film Howl – about the life and times of Allen Ginsberg. All the music in it is by me and props to my best pal Danny Lee for the most excellent editing!

For more info:


  1. Cool jazz man.

    Saw this in the theater the other day, though I didn’t know the music was yours. Super congrats!

  2. pringleshardwarestore said:

    Thanks Norm! Which movie were you in to see where the Howl trailer played?

  3. This film tried to do a bit too much and in the end lost itself. The animation especially was a bit too “arty” in my view. I don’t think you should ever try to visualize poetry, the moment you do, you undermine it and trivialize it.
    However James Franco is really good in it.

    My full review:

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