100 Rifles (’69)

Several friends and a few of my students have asked me about this film. It actually started out wonderfully and had some snappy dialogue scenes between Burt Reynolds and Jim Brown, but ultimately the story is absolutely non-existent. Even the presence of the great Fernando Llamas could not save this weirdly uneven script.

Also – super annoying that the Spanish segments aren’t subtitled – as if to self-reflexively reveal that the script lines were completely meaningless.

Controversial or not – for being the first film to show an interracial sex scene – I think this movie was quite a bore. Raquel Welch was attractive enough to get guys into the theatre, I suppose. Even her death at the end was so ineptly directed I almost missed it. You see a glimpse of Welch actually moving her head right before the scene cuts away and reveals in a close-up that she had been shot. One wonders if she actually had a line before she croaked and the producers were forced to eject the line for bad acting.

It is important to note that Soledad Miranda died a year after this film was made.


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