LACMA – In Wonderland

Went to LACMA today to check out In Wonderland — Surrealist paintings by American and Mexican women artists.  So awesome that I actually purchased a year-pass for LACMA.  Your entrance fee applies to the purchase of a year pass so you actually just have to pay $30 more for the pass.  Very worth it.

It was almost unreal (surreal) to be looking straight onto the Frida Kahlo paintings I had studied in Art History.  Since I am so poorly versed in art (especially women artists) the new discoveries and highlights included Remedios Varo (by far my favorite, and weirdest), Gertrude Abercrombie,  Leonora Carrington (Max Ernst’s lover) and Dorothea Tanning (Max Ernst’s eventual wife).

There was also an exhibit called Metropolis II that was a giant indoor city with moving trains and cars and was pretty neat.  I have a video of it here.

You should all see this!  Select pictures below.  I finally got a picture of myself with the Keinholz exhibit that I missed photographing two years ago.  If anyone wants to see my blog regarding my 2009 visit to LACMA and the Korean artists, click here:


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