A great night with the Ting Tings

What was today?  Well if you had said WIlliam Shatner’s bday you would have been technically correct (I actually SAW William Shatner at his show Shatner’s World at the Pantages a week ago but I’ll update on that later), but also today was the night I got to go see THE TING TINGS in concert at The Mayan, downtown.  Not only was the show killer, I got free parking downtown and got out of my class early enough to catch even the opening act.

The concert, moved from the El Rey last night to tonight was awesome and inspiring.  They got a ton of sound out of their gear and Katie White was electrifying despite having just had her appendix removed (as she said: “You took my appendix, America!”)  Here’s hoping she feels better soon and returns to the US for another smashing show!

They played a short set, but all of the favorites and a lot of new stuff from the new album.  My favorite song of the night was the remix of Hands.  (setlist: http://www.setlist.fm/setlist/the-ting-tings/2012/mayan-theatre-los-angeles-ca-3bde30d8.html )I wished their t-shirts actually had the tour dates on them or I would have gotten one.    And oh yeah, there are some pics of the show below.  I’ll naturally be Instagramming a few of the ones worthy of a filter or two. (my Instagram name is linuslaumusic)  And if anyone knows what t-shirt Jules de Martino is wearing or the hat Katie had on, please let me know!!!!!


and if you wanna see a video – this is the first tune they played: ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1h4cTot1MMY)

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